The Mercedes Inspire me forum is a hub for automotive enthusiasts: Pose specific questions or share your experiences with other Mercedes-Benz fans. With more than 7,000 users swapping views, experiences and information on this digital platform, the exchange benefits all involved. So, make the most of your chance to discuss current and future trends, products and services – or find just the right answer to any car-related question.


Communities overview
Mercedes-Benz News
Latest news about the brand Mercedes-Benz, all products & services
1210 1257
Mercedes-Benz Dialogue
The Mercedes-Benz Social Media Team will gladly answer any questions you may have about products and the brand itself
176 805
TÜV, expertise & insurance topics 227 796
Theft Database 55 78
powered by MB Modellautoclub & MB SL-Club Pagode & MB Classic Center
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172 183

Business Innovation Forum  

Business Innovation is Daimler’s lab for innovative business models beyond the company’s current core business. We invite you to discuss with us about our thoughts concerning current technological, social and cultural developments.

Business Innovation [DEUTSCH] 16 60
Business Innovation [ENGLISH] 13 27
Show us your Mercedes - pictures and stories welcome!
106 377
Café Mercédès
Small Talk & Off-Topic
387 1352
Event Forum
Events, roadtrips, classic car meetings and more
151 238
General Technical Forum
Use this forum to discuss technically oriented topics relating to all Mercedes-Benz models.
208 550
Service Parts Forum
Use this forum to discuss topics relating to service parts, part numbers and catalogues
258 958
International W 123 Forum
The global community for the Mercedes-Benz W 123
53 192
International SL-Forum
The global Mercedes-Benz SL community
48 133
International SLK Forum
The global Mercedes-Benz SLK community
15 21
International 4x4 Forum
The global 4-wheel drive community
52 139
International R 129 Board
The global Mercedes-Benz R 129 community
518 1782
International R/C 107 SL Board
The global Mercedes-Benz R/C 107 community
962 3305
Car Wash – All about car care
Tips and tricks for washing, polishing & detailing
21 93

Community for brand ambassadors  

In this forum, Mercedes-Benz employees talk about the brand, inspire each other and also develop ideas together for strengthening the brand in the future.
As a Mercedes-Benz employee, you can register here for the Brand Ambassador Community to gain access to this forum.

Brand Insights
What’s worth knowing about brands?
73 383
Live the Brand
How can brands be brought to life?
19 96
Develop the Community
What should the future Brand Ambassador Community look like?
20 60
Community Café
Who is part of the community and what does it do?
50 848
Questions & Answers
Which questions still need answers?
21 98
Brand Ambassadors Worldwide
In this board brand ambassadors around the world stay in touch and get useful support to spread and realize the idea of Internal Branding in your market.
10 22

Join the official Mercedes-Benz Clubs  

The members of the official Mercedes-Benz brand clubs are indispensable ambassadors of the brand with the three-pointed star. Around the world, a total of 80 clubs with more than 100,000 members are helping to preserve the rich automotive heritage of the Mercedes-Benz brand - while bringing its history to life with numerous public presentations of their classic cars. Join the community and become a member:

Mercedes-Benz ClubCard Special
Exklusive specials for Mercedes-Benz ClubCard owner
71 429
Australian and New Zealand Clubs Forum
Club forum for the Mercedes-Benz Clubs in Australia and New Zealand
53 110
Mercedes-Benz Klubi Suomi
This is the forum of the Finnish Mercedes-Benz Club.
Tämä on Suomen Mercedes-Benz Klubin keskustelualue.
411 1745
Philippine Club Forum
Club forum for the Mercedes-Benz Club Philippines
5919 74059
Forum of the R/C 107SL-Club
News and discussions relating to the R/C 107 SL-Club Deutschland e.V.;
for sale advertisements and requests please check the classifieds market above or use the club market on the club website.
206 485
Thai Club Forum
Club forum for the Mercedes-Benz Club Thailand
26 97
Forum of the R129-Club
News and discussions relating to the R129 SL-Club e.V.
997 3652
Forum of the MB Model Car Club
News and discussions relating to the MB Model Car Club
Infos zum MBMC
835 3412
Forum of the MB SL-Club Pagoda
News and discussions relating to the MB SL-Club Pagode - Club-Mitglieder melden sich hier für das Forum an.
178 319
Forum of the W123 Club
News and discussions relating to the Mercedes-Benz W123-Club
18 41
Hellenic Club Forum
Club forum for the Mercedes-Benz Club Hellas - Registration
45 92
Forum of the G-Club Deutschland
News and discussions relating to the Mercedes-Benz Cross-Country Vehicle Club
101 283
Forum of the AMG Owners Club
News and discussions relating to the AMG Owners Club
14 22
Diskusní forum Mercedes-Benz klubu
Když si chcete popovídat, koupit nebo prodat.
8 9
Forum of the SL-Club Austria
News and discussions relating to the Mercedes-Benz SL-Club Austria.
44 60
Forum of the Mercedes-Benz Veteran Club e.V.
News and discussions relating to the Mercedes-Benz Veteran Club (MVC)
14 68
Mercedes-Benz W 124 Club e.V.
News and discussions relating to the Mercedes-Benz W 124 Club e.V.
238 624
Forum of the Norwegian Mercedes-Benz Club
This is the forum of the Norwegian Mercedes-Benz Club. Dette er forumet for Mercedes-Benz klubben Norge
84 179
Swedish Club Forum 1 1
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