Mercedes-Benz celerbrates 50 years in Australia

Mathew Kean    08.11.2009 - 20:26

Mercedes-Benz celerbrates 50 years in Australia The Mercedes-Benz club of NSW Australia celebrated half a century of sales in Australia yesterday. 170 Mercedes-Benz from the 1940's to today's top end AMG models travelled in convoy across Australia's most loved bridge, "The Sydney Harbour Bridge." It was a convoy that stretched across the entire length of the bridge and showed Sydney dwellers why Mercedes-Benz is the most respected luxury brand here in Australia. For more info visit

MBCNSW Technical Officer
1989 420SEL 384,000km
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2011 C250 Avantguard 19,000km

Eric Hombrebueno    18.02.2010 - 05:58

Better late than never. Congratulations to All Officers, Members and Guests of Mercedes-Benz club of NSW Australia on your 50th Anniversary!!!

Bong Testa    23.08.2010 - 14:26

Excellent display of MBs! More power to your group!

Barook Agra    29.04.2012 - 10:51

What a display.. from the Vintage class to the modern Benz.. I love it.. CONGRATS to all..!!! 8)8):wink::wink:

Joe "Barook" Agra III
Kaptaine de Frigette, USN (Ret.)
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99' R170 (MerZydita) /04
91' R129 (Juliet) /10
89' W124 (Shaina) /11
63' W110 (Frau Ingge) /12

Dwarak Besant    26.11.2015 - 07:42

These wins were a powerful reminder of just how much the brand’s pushing of the technology envelope has changed the world since Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, and of just how entrenched the three-pointed star has become in this country since Android training in chennai  the formation of MBAU half a century ago.

Nithiya Ravi    16.02.2016 - 09:53

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rajmohan    07.11.2017 - 10:16

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elegantnaval    22.01.2018 - 12:59

Great information. Keep updating. I am a big fan of Mercedes and happy to read your post.

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naval    25.01.2018 - 10:26

I love Mercedes. They are best in their field. I have Mercedes-Benz 1990s model in my garage.

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navalgupta    28.01.2018 - 20:18

I am also a big fan of Mercedes. Congratulation to all the employees, officers, Marketing Experts and other staff of Mercedes. A great day of honour to all the mercedes fans.
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