2011 G55 Steering Issue

fahadco80    16.04.2018 - 09:19

Hi Guys,I have a 2011 G55 with steering issue, my car pulls to the left only under acceleration and when I let go the throttle paddle to cruise car steering will straiten and drives norma, I did wheel/tire alignment and while doing that I found that the steering damper had a missing bushing, I changed it with a new one and I changed the engine and transmission mounts as well cause it was time to change them, but nothing fixed the pulling left issue, I also checked all my front and rear end bushings all in great shape, I also have my front diff checked and the garage told me it has a very minimal grinding sound but they also told me it has nothing to do with the car steers to the left when accelerating.Please guys, I really need some help, where to look at and whats the cause of this issue?RegardsFahad
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