Mercedes W123 Diesel Engine Suggestions

kevinmanuel1125    20.03.2018 - 13:57


A friend of mine has an early 1980s Mercedes W123 sedan. His father had purchased the car a few years ago but it no longer had the original engine. It was swapped with a small Toyota engine. Don’t ask me why this was done. That engine is on its way out and is very slow. He wants to put in a new/rebuild engine that runs better. I had suggested putting in a diesel engine since those came available with a diesel. The diesels that came with these cars were slow (only 125HP) but by the 1990s, Mercedes diesel engines had became more powerful. The 300TD engine only put out 125HP. Is it possible to install an OM603 turbo diesel engine? That is a 3.5 liter inline 6. Can any of you Mercedes experts suggest the largest, most powerful Mercedes diesel engine that can fit in to the engine bay of a Mercedes W123 without requiring too much modifications? 

Please help

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