TomTom traffic is not TomTom traffic!?

dezmo.dezmo    17.11.2017 - 12:50

Dear All,

I have a MB GLA with Garmin navigation. (NTG5Start1, SW17/13.0 50.12) My TomTom traffic subscription is valid until 03.07.2020.
I have realised that  the traffic information in my Garmin navigation is not the same as my other navigation (supplied by TomTom or Sygic).
To prove my claim, I have attached two pictures. (Click to get full pictures)


As you can see on Pic1 on Garmin the blocked rood is marked on Schwarzenbeker Landstaße, but on TomTom map (Pic2) it is on the Berliner Landstaße. In the reality the blocked rood is on Berliner Landstaße ( I have been there and I have been checked it personally.) It looks like the information in my MB is  not that accurate as it should be.

(There are many other similar issues, but as an example I think it is enough for now...)

I would like to get an explanation, why Mercedes is saying they are “delivering” TomTom traffic information if it is not the same as TomTom giving.


Ps.: (Yes I have been sent this information to,  but since 4 days no response at all...)
Hi dezmo.dezmo,

Die Zuordnung der Live Traffic Information Meldungen von TomTom erfolgt bei unseren Systemen anhand des Locationtable der BaST. Dieser Locationtable umfasst 20.000 Positionen in Deutschland.

TomTom verwendet zur Bestimmung der Positionen für die Meldungen in der Karte einen eigenen patentierten und geschützten Locationtable. Aus diesem Grund können bei unseren System Abweichungen bei der Positionsbestimmung einer Meldung entstehen (wie in diesem Fall) oder aber eine Meldung kann keiner Position im Locationtable der BaST zugeordnet werden und es erfolgt keine Darstellung in unseren Systemen.

Eine Änderung ist leider nicht möglich.

Liebe Grüße

Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team

dezmo.dezmo    20.11.2017 - 13:21

Dear Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team,

Thanks for your answer.  
At first: I asked in English, why you did not give respect and respond in English?

Second: As far as I understand, You (MB) knew that the location table of  your system does not fit to location table of TomTom.  However, you are asking for money for a service that does not work correctly and never will. Do I understand that right? Do you think if this a correct behavior?  Don't you think this is a deliberate deception? Did Mercedes mentioned somewhere else this kind of restriction of live traffic before somebody willing to  pay for the navigation with live traffic?
Honestly, nobody warned me before. Never. When I bought it, I assumed the live traffic information will be correct. But now, I think Mercedes -Benz intentionally mislead me.

No words, how disappointed I am!

Sorry for your disappointment, dezmo.dezmo. As already explained, Live Traffic information via TomTom takes place via BaST. Here we have 20.000 positions within Germany. To actually verify these positions, the system uses a own and protected locationtable. That's how it can happen that this system provides a different position than the TomTom system. There is no possibility to change this. We would recommend you to contact our Customer Services to leave your feedback. Our colleagues will gladly assist you further and check possibilities regarding your Live Traffic system. You can reach them on 00800 9 77 77 777.

Kind regards,

Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team

dezmo.dezmo    21.11.2017 - 19:05

Dear Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team,

As I mentioned before I have sent an e-mail already to "" but they even have not been reacted at all. Do you really think if I call your colleagues they can help? Do you think I can explain by phone better than by e-mails with pictures? Or do you have other e-mail address where I can write (and get response)?  I prefer to communicate via e-mail, but if there is not other way to get solution I probably can call...

In the meantime you can pass this to the relevant department:

I do understand exactly what the problem is. Let me give you an "analogy" (Maybe not quite good, but it shows the contrast, and my feeling)
It is something similar if you changing your wheel supplier: Before, you have been used 5 screws to mount it, now you you have only 4 hole on it for the screws... you can still mount it but it is not "perfect". 

I believe there is a solution to convert the location table to show the right position of traffic. Even I can tell you I'm sure, there is a solution, because for example Sygic also using traffic info form TomTom, interestingly they have a right info: exactly the same as in TomTom.  (Yes I know, Sygic have a TomTom map, while Garmin have a Here  or whatever... )
There are also big difference between Mercedes/Garmin  and TomTom/Sygic: The PRICE. You have to pay 5-10 times more for MB Garmin.

But actually I don't really care about how you will solve the problem, but I can suggest some possibilities:
0) At least you have to warn your customers about this issue!  (I would be happy if I can read something like this on MB websites: "Dear customers, due to some technical difficulties, our  live traffic service is wrong for Garmin navigation: in most cases the traffic event location is not correct, there are a couple of 100 meter differences foreseen... we are hardly working on it. Sorry!  You can ask for compensation if you fill up the following form..." )
1) Change the BaST  for other
2) Change your map provider
3) Change you traffic information provider
4) Buy an access to TomTom patented location table
5) Write a computer program to make a conversion between
6) Offer a compensation fee for me and all other customer
X) Do nothing, just pass the responsibility to somebody else, and just collect the money.

Best regards
Hi dezmo.dezmo,

this is indeed the correct contact adress for your concerns.However we feel more than sorry you didn’t hear back from our colleagues yet. We forwarded your feedback to our relevant department, so they will get in touch with you shortly. Once more thank you very much for your patience.

Best Regards

Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team

dezmo.dezmo    23.11.2017 - 16:10

Dear Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team,

Thank you for your intervention. Today I have got a response from cs.deu, but they answered to another, older question.(issued at 2017. Oct 31). 
No comment!


dezmo.dezmo    11.12.2017 - 09:33

Dear All,

Update: There is no update!  There is no new information for a long time.  :-(

Basically, I'm a patience person.  But what Mercedes does (does not do), it goes beyond all borders.  I did not get any response from customer service (""). 
I do  think you are servicing yourself, but not your customers.   I'm terribly dissatisfied and angry.
Mercedes "customer service", You lost my trust. Again!

Hi dezmo.dezmo,

we are really sorry to hear this. We have contacted our colleagues once again, to investigate with them, what might have happened. If you would wish to reach them in the meantime, please feel free to do that on 00800 9 77 77 777.

Kind regards

Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team

dezmo.dezmo    11.12.2017 - 18:57

Dear Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team,

It seems that only You, who can answer within a proper period. Thanks a lot for your effort! 

Deliberately, I will not call them! They should contact to me without any further effort from me. I have send e-mail, enough amount of reminder and forum posts here to them.  They have my phone number, call me if they care! Do they care?  

Really: Do you think they care? 


dezmo.dezmo    12.12.2017 - 16:08

Dear all,

"Great" news! I have got an answer from "cs.deu".  Believe me, I have been waited for this answer for a month. But I really don't know why it took so long:

"Reference: CS-1-123456789...
Ihr Ansprechpartner XXXXXXX

Telefon 00800 9 777 7777
Telefax 069 95307-255
Dear Mr. YYYYY,
I really regret that you are dissatisfied about the Mercedes-Benz customer service.
To clarify the topic of Life Traffic for the Garmin MAP PILOT in your Mercedes-Benz GLA 220 d 4MATIC, I would kindly ask you, to contact your supporting Mercedes-Benz Partner. Of course the colleagues on site will check the Life Traffic in your GLA.
We apologize for any inconvenience and wish all the best for 2018!
Kind regards
customer service Germany"

For me it is perfectly clear. The costumer support is useless. I really do not know what for they are? I'm so so angry, but I held myself back and answered back this:

Dear Ms. XXXXXX,
Thanks a lot for the absolutely useful answer!  Now, I understand  why does it takes just a couple weeks: You worked a lot on it behind the scenes. The so so much detailed answer takes time. I'm very happy about it now. The given solution is just perfect, wonderful. I love it! Specially the way as you delegate responsibility to somebody else! 
Oh dear my Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center, "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!"
I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my annoying questions! So so much sorry! How can I redeem? I will pay more, okay?
And I wish all the best too!
Yours sincerely,
"The most satisfied customer" 

Dear all costumer support employees: I wish you all the best! If you ever need a support I wish you a similar treatment, like you did for me!

I hope this forum posts, at least, can be used as a lesson to all other people!

We are disappointed to see this, dezmo.dezmo. Of course we do not want to give you empty promises, we can just tell you that our colleagues will investigate further regarding your comment. We hope that this will be still solved to your satisfaction. If you have any further requests in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team

dezmo.dezmo    13.12.2017 - 17:07

Dear Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team,

Thanks a lot for your answer. I hope your colleges really working on this problem. 
Don't get me wrong I do not want any special thing, I just would like to get, what I have paid for: TomTom traffic.  
I know TomTom traffic is one of the best information service. I have it in my phone since ages. So, When I bought my car I have been checked this screen, and nobody told me if it is different....

However I know much more about the technical details, than you think, I really do not care about BASt, 20000 poins ..., or other circumlocution. 
The above mentioned picture clearly saying you have to supply TomTom traffic. Any deviation or distorsion not acceptable! 

About the customer service: They are so kind (a bit slow), and I think the are giving the information what they have...(what their bosses allowing) . For sure they are not a technical expert, so they have to ask somebody else... or in my case they want to send me to a dealer. But the dealer also not a technical expert regarding to Garmin (I know it by experience), so I'm sure if I'm going there, they will involve the headquarter or research center... whatever. I want to avoid the unnecessary extra time wasting.

You can easy check the REAL TomTom traffic here:
and compare to your Garmin. I don't think if I have to go to my dealer to show it personally...

But, I'm absolutely open to reasonable cooperation. Currently this forum the only one, where I get some response  within a proper period,  I'm posting here publicly. It is fine for me. But If you (Mercedes) think so please contact me by e-mail or by phone. 

Thanks, and Have a nice day!
Thanks a lot for your kind answer, dezmo.dezmo.
We are happy that it is not the service level you are not happy with, but the organization regarding the technical issues.
We can highly recommend to try out a local Dealership, maybe if you feel more comfortable, another one than the one you have already been to. Please be sure that our Customer Service Team is always in contact with our colleagues of the technical department, however they have provided the answer we have already sent to you.
Please feel free at any time to contact them again and to leave your feedback. Also please keep us updated in case you will visit your local Dealership. We really do care and you are important for us. At Mercedes-Benz we have always taken pride in our service to customers, and therefore we want to be reachable for you at anytime.

Kind regards

Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team

dezmo.dezmo    15.12.2017 - 11:20

Dear  Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team,

Okay. It will be a long discussion, as I see. You don't want to understand my problem, I don't wan to accept your explanation! 

I want TomTom traffic as I paid for. I don't care your technical problems about it. It is a legal issue now. If you are selling as TomTom traffic, give it without changes. That's it.

Regarding to your customer support, it is still a slow,  However they are  kind!

If I going to my dealer, I don't think they can give me the right traffic info , they will go and ask somebody else.... or  the reaction will be something like this:

But do not be I right.... However I fill complete useless and time wasting,  I'll go there and ask them about the traffic.... sometime in next year....

If I got proper solution after visiting my dealer, I will pay 100€ for you, but if not you have to pay. Okay?

Merry Xmas!

dezmo.dezmo    13.03.2018 - 13:23

Dear  Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team,

I have been visited my dealer, and unfortunately they give an answer what I estimated in my previous post. 
I don't think you are really care about it,  or something will really happen....I just wanted to update the status.
In my eyes Mercedes and Garmin are lying.when they are selling the navigation with so called : "Tomtom traffic".
Maybe it is from TomTom, but for sure, some  content were stolen ...

BTW: You owe me 100€  :-)

Have a nice day!
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