Bluetooth stutters and falter in e classe

holian    14.11.2017 - 22:21


 We ha an E classe wagon (2013) with the basic audio system. (i don't know how to check the proper version or audio system model number..)
 The problem is the following:
 When my phone connect to the car via bluetooth and i start to make a new call, the called party hear my voice stuttering in the first 10-15 second. After then everything works well, sound quality fine. 
 Tried with HTC M8, Iphone 4, Iphone 5s, Iphone 6 and the same.
 The car still in warranty so i took the car in to the local Mercedes service, but many times they can't find anything. Updated everything, even they replace the hole media system.

 I start to pulling out my hair, and i have no more idea what to do.

 Anybody experienced same as me?

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