Fuel Distributor

s_e_v_a_n    12.09.2016 - 06:27


Recently my W124 230e 1992 would not start. The mechanic found out the the fuel distributor is not pumping gas to the engine. Thus he tried to clean the fuel distributor from blockage by using wd40 and blowing air through the holes using an air compressor. Then the he was able to make the car start. Unfortunately, there was still a problem. The gas going to the engine was too much and too rich as a result the engine gets drowned from gas and turns off. In the end they said, the Fuel Distributor is the culprit since even adjusting the air/gas mixture through the air flow would not lessen the gas being pumped to the engine.

Anyone know where I can source a FUEL DISTRIBUTOR for my w124 4 cylinder here in PH? Part number is 0438101002. Brand new or surplus would suffice as long its in working condition.

By the way sorry for posting here. When I try to create a topic in the technical forum it brings me to the mercedes me screen.

Thank you.
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