Member of MBCA : $1.000 reduction ?

mbc112    22.05.2012 - 19:11

Member of MBCA : $1.000 reduction ? Did I read this correctly ?
If you become a member of the Mercedes Benz Club of America, you get a $1.000 reduction if you buy a new mercedes ???

If so, can't we have that here in Europe too ??

Quote :

The biggest incentive to joining MBCA, however, comes in the form of a new car purchase or lease, when after 12 months of membership, you’ll get $1,000 off virtually any new Mercedes model. The other incentives alone are enough to pay the $49 membership fee, but the money off a new Mercedes model means you’re absolutely crazy not to join. Add in the fact you’ll immediately be part of a community that shares the same passion for excellence you do, and there’s truly no reason not to become part of the MBCA family.


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