W126 - Condenser

Ian Tambunting    24.10.2011 - 12:29

W126 - Condenser Gents,

You'll never guess what happened to it.

On my way back from a weekend getaway the AC stopped working. When I brought it to the shop we noticed a tear in the hose. It was due to a ripped fan belt that constantly whipped against the hose. Things got worse we also noticed that it also damaged the condenser. We tried to have it repaired and it was rejected by two different shops.

Do you know any repair shop that might be of help? Also, In the event it cannot be repaired does anyone have one sitting (for sale) in the garage?

Stay safe


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John Pimentel    24.10.2011 - 12:51

Sir forgive if i'm wrong. But the a/c condenser sits in front of the radiator. If a fan belt tears, it should damage the a/c hose and/or radiator and not the condenser.
Anyway if it was mine I would replace it with a laminated one. Laminated condensers give you consistent cooling either idling or traveling and no problem with r134a freons.
For comparison, my 124 which has the orig setup blows really cold (5C)when the engine is cold or when travelling 80-85c, however when idling, on a hot day, for at least 10 min 90c the coldness immediately diminishes.
Used a mitsubishi adventure laminated condenser on the limo (W126 SDL)which fits perfectly. Cost 4500 plus labor, hoses and freon. Interior temp fluctuates between 5c to 7c idling or travelling.

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Choi Tiangco    23.06.2017 - 15:50


Just reviving this thread kasi my w126 aircon is cold except pag nababad.  Ang hirap na palamigin after.
Is the laminated condenser the same as parallel flow? Is there a particular yearmodel ng Adventure for condenser?


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