Mercedes S-class : from W180 to W222 Update 14/07/2013

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Mercedes S-class : from W180 to W222 Update 14/07/2013

08/06/13 : added the Norev 280SE W108 1:18 (1965-1972)

In the beginning , the current S-class did not have the same notification as now. It was only from 1972 the S-class was officially introduced with the W116.
S-class stands for the German Sonderklasse

1954 W180/W128 Ponton

It all started in 1954 with the first predecessor of the current S-class : the Mercedes Benz W180 and W128, better known as the Ponton (cfr the pontoon shaped fenders).

The W180 was produced from 1954 to 1957 and was followed by the W128 (1958-1960).
Next to the 4-door sedan (220a and 220S), a coupe and convertible were also produced. All models were fitted a 2.2 L, 6-cylinder powered engine.
On scale 1/18, there is no sedan available, but both the coupé; and cabriolet were released by Sunstar.

1:18 220SE Coupé

1:18 220SE Cabriolet

1:43 1954 220S coupe by Spark

1959 W111/W112 Finntail

The W111 was build from 1959 to 1971, with a sedan, coupé; and convertible, also a 2.2L 6 cylinder. The more luxury and powerfull 3 litre engines got the W112 code. They were the first cars in the world to have a crumple zone, disc brakes and for the W112 an air suspension. They were called fintails or Heckflosse because of the large fins at the rear of the car cfr the American Cadillac and Buick. There was also the W110, a smaller 4 cylinder version of the fintail, but that car has to be seen as the predecessor of the current E class.

The 220b, 220Sb and SEb replaced the W180 220S and W128 220SE.

Revell released both the 220SE sedan and 280SE automatic coupé/cabriolet U.S. version of the W111. AutoArt released also a European version of the 280SE. An older release was made by Maisto with the 280SE cabriolet.

Revell 220SE sedan :

Revell 280SE Automatic coupé (U.S. version)

AutoArt 280SE coupé European version

Maisto 280SE cabriolet

1:43 280SE 3.5 by Spark

In 1962 Mercedes released the 300SE (W112). It was the same car (sedan, coupé and cabriolet) as the W111, but with a 6 cylinder engine, air suspension, power steering, automatic transmission, teather trim, interior wooden veneerÂ…External there was more chrome trimming, wheels and it costed almost double the price than the W111. But the W112 did not last long : only from 1961 to 1965 until Daimler released the truly luxurious W100 600 limousine (1963). The production numbers of the W112 decreased and was stopped in 1965.
There were 4 different versions produced of the W112 : the sedan, coupé, convertible and long-wheel base (not 300SEL !)

The 1:18 300SE was released by Revell.

1965 W108/W109

In 1965 Mercedes-Benz launched the replacements for both the W111 and W112, the W108 and W109.
The W108/109 series ran from 1965 until 1972 with 10 different W108 types (from 250S to 300SEb) and 5 W109 (300SEL 2.8 to 6.3).
The new type carried the internal works designation of W108, but was first presented as the 250S/SE and as the 300 SE/SEL. Those who wanted the performance of a Porsche combined with the internal space of the S class, there was the 300SEL 6.3 with the 6.3 litre, eight-cylinder engine of the 600 and provided 250Hp with a top speed of 220 kph (0 to 60mph or 100 kph : 6.3sec.).
This car was available between 1967 and 1972. In 1969, the 300SEL 6.3 reached the high point of its career (2578 cars sold).

1:18 280SE made by Norev (B6 604 0598)

1:18 300 SEL 6.3 made by AutoArt

1972 W116

In September 1972 Daimler Benz AG introduced the new S class, designated as W116, initially with only 3 models : 280S, 280SE and 350 SE. In that year, the S class won the much desired Car of the year title. In 1973 the 450SE/SEL eight-cylinder engine was presented. The SEL had a 10 cm longer wheelbase and provided more space in the rear compartment.
But 1973 was also the beginning of the oil crisis, so sales dropped by 20%.
The 450SEL 6.9 was presented in 1975 as a successor of the 300SEL 6.3., top speed of up to 230kph and from 0-100 kph in 8 seconds, in combination with the comfort of a big touring saloon. Despite the oil crisis, 7380 cars were sold until 1980. This car was the first with a completely electronic ABS system.

On screen the 450SEL performed in the movie "Ronin", in Dallas, Knight Rider, The Professionals and in the James Bond movie "For your eyes only"

This car (450SEL 6.3) was made by Revell in 1:18

1979 W126

The W126 appeared at the 1979 Motorshow in Frankfurt with three models and 6 types : 280SE/SEL, 380SE/SEL and 500SE/SEL. The old S class was still being produced until 1980 and sold quite well. Buyers who wanted some performance had to wait until 1985 before the 560SEL was released. It was in 1982 that Daimler-Benz finally had a 3 part range : the W201 (190 and 190E) as a base model, the W123 (200T - 230E/CE/TE - 300TD) in the middle range and the W126 as top model.

In 1985 the eight-cylinder, 299 hp 560SEL/SEC were top of the range and brand-new designs. The W126 with its airbags was indicated as "the safest automobile on the American highways".

New innovations were passenger airbags and traction control.

The 1:18 version was made by Norev.

In 1981 the coupé version premiered with the 500SEC

1:18 made by AutoArt

The W126 was replaced by the W140 in 1992.

1991 W140

Differences on the 140 were an intergrated grill at the front end, the star directly on the bonnet and 2 little antennas on the rear wings to facilitate parking in reverse and double glazed side windows.
In 1993 all Mercedes models were renamed to give the entire Mercedes range a common bond. The letter S now preceeded three numbers representing the engine capacity. So the 300SD became the S350 Turbodiesel and the 500 SEC the S500. Sidebags became standard, Xenon headlights and rain sensors became available. ESP was introduced in 1996. Also the Pullman version of the S500/S600 made its appearance in 1995 : 6,213 meters long as a standard or bullet-proof version.
In 1996 the coupés got a new CL-lettering.

1:18 Made by Norev

1:18 race version of the 600SEC by Majorette :

1:43 version of the CL500 made by Spark

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1998 W220

The W220 was the replacement for the W140 class. The car was a little smaller on the outside, but offered more interior space (particularly the long wheelbase). New innovations were Airmatic air suspension and active ventilated seats. With the COMAND input control system, a new navigation system was also introduced.
An S63 was released in very limited numbers in 2001 and the S65 in 2005 (6.0l ; 612 hp, V12 twin turbo)

The facelift came in 2003

1:18 S500 by Maisto

1:18 S600 Pullman version by Maisto

2005 W221

The complete new W221 was introduced in 2005 at the Frankfurt International motor show.It was slightly bigger than the W220. New engines, new interior and options such as Night View, pre-collision system.
The facelift came in 2009 (LED day lights, new front bumper, exhaust tailpipes integrated into the rear bumper…)

1:18 S500/550 by AutoArt

Special promotional set released by introduction of the new S-class :
1:18 AutoArt

1:18 S63 AMG by AutoArt

1:43 2009 S class facelift by AutoArt

2013 W222

The Mercedes-Benz W222 is the latest and upcoming version of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and the successor of the Mercedes-Benz W221. The W222, designed during 2009 by Il-hun Yoon and Robert Lesnik, continues the design theme first seen on the CLA-Class and facelifted E-Class that were developed subsequent to it.

In Europe, sales of the S 400 Hybrid, S 350 BlueTEC, S 350 BlueTEC Hybrid, and S 500 begin in September 2013. US sales of the S 550 will also begin in September; the 4Matic all-wheel drive model goes on sale in November. Additional models, including V12 models and those from AMG are expected in 2014.[1][4]

The newest S-Class debuted on 15 May 2013 in Hamburg, Germany and entered production in June.

1:18 S550 by Norev

Text : Wikipedia
Opera omnia Mercedes Benz 1886 - 2001

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1:18 S550 W222 by Norev

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