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When I bought my brand new 2015 model S350 in Sweden the cars Command system included some apps and there was even a site where you 
could by new apps.
But instead of being able to upgrade with new apps MercedesBenz decided to remove the app site and also most of the useful apps like online maps,google maps.yelp and News.
Apparently when you by a new MercedesBenz you have to expect that some of the systems/functions will be removed on a later day.
Needless to say I am very disappointed at this policy.
So I was totally surprised a couple of weeks back when I suddenly found a New app in my MercedesBenz app.
I think it is called E-Navigation or something like that.
Why would I be interested in finding the closest electrical charging place in my S350 Disel?
Is this a practical joke?
So now I have some questions.
Is the only way to upgrade my command system to include some usfull apps to buy a new car?
Is there a decision taken to totally remove MercedesBenz Apps from older mine that is three years OLD?
Or is there maybe somewhere in the near future some useful apps coming our way with the old ancient models (2015 and older)?

Hi Ilias, thanks for your feedback. First of all we would like to apologize for our error by uploading the E-Navigation App. Please note that we have changed our productstrategy for the Apps in COMAND in the last few years. Due to this, various Apps have now been discontinued and the App Shop has been deactivated. We are offering different "smartphone-integration” packages such as Apple CarPlay & Android Auto on our newer vehicles as an alternative option. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. Best regards, your Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team

Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team
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