Update Map for Sat Nav Comand Online

nghiabt    02.03.2018 - 22:02


I just got a delivery for my approved used car last week and found out the sat nav map is not up to date. I tried to update it online since my car comes with Comand Online package but I could not due to dont have Garmin SD Card. the dealer told me there is no Garmin SD card for Comand Online and the car should updated itself thanks to Comand Online, but I dont think so because the map is 2015 version and my car is 2016 version.

Does anyone know that I have to book for service to update the map or is there anyway to do it online? I talked to an aftersale Mercedes and they told I might have to pay £150 to have it updated although the Comand Online comes with 3 years free update.


Nghia Bui
Hi Nghia, thanks for your post. In case there was no recentupdate for your car, the 2015 version might be the latest one. However, if there are any updates available your local dealership will be able to advise on them. Contact details can be found by visiting: http://mb4.me/u6gAR5YU. Have a lovely weekend! Your Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team

Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team
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