Dissatisfaction: Mercedes me

dezmo.dezmo    17.10.2017 - 15:55

First of all I will not expect any action and changes related to this post, I just want to point out and warn other customers: the
Mercedes me, services, costumer support behind it, are bad, very bad.

I would like to make it clear: my car itself (Mercedes Benz GLA ), is nearly perfect and working properly. I’m happy with it. Also my service partner, beside they are expensive, is also fills me with satisfaction.

Unfortunately I’m absolutely not satisfied with the “Mercedes me” portal, services, and customer support behind it. Since I’m registered my car (~April), I just have a problems, unanswered questions, empty promises, slow and incompetent reaction from mercedes_me_connect@cac.mercedes-benz.com. These problems are not killing me, and I can live without Mercedes me, but I expected premium (or at least reliably operating) services for my premium amount of money.

I think it is better to not have than having it, and annoyed about.

Here are some examples:
-       Currently I’m working in Germany and my service partner is here. When I what to choose the German service partner I have to get the portal in German language. When I asked the support team how to switch to English, beside several useless answer, they were promised they are working on it. But nothing happened since April.

-       I have got the message from the portal: I can check my car warranty status with a simple click. For sure it is not working. First I even can’t get the page loaded, and when I asked a support team several times, finally I get the page loaded with the massage: “Please go to your service partner” (or something similar useless information…). What is the purpose of this kind of info? If you are telling me I can check the status here, why should I go to my service partner?

-       The Android application. Did you ever read the feedbacks on Play Store? Have you realized the 2,2 score? Are you planning to improve it?

-       The position of the car sometimes does not update. How and when do I know that this data is really reliable?
Usually I’m changing my car about every 2-3 years for the newer version, and the last 3 car was Mercedes Benz. Now I have been decided, even the cars are good; my next car will not be Mercedes anymore. I will not pay extra money for below average services.

Have a nice day!
Hi dezmo.dezmo, we are sorry to learn that your recent experience with the Mercedes me connect team did not meet your expectations. Please allow us the opportunity to investigate further, by sending us a private message with your vehicle and contact details. Be sure to include the VIN, your address, email address and telephone number.

Kind Regards

Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team

dezmo.dezmo    25.10.2017 - 14:12

Hi All,

Some Update.
Thanks to the Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team I have got a prompt response form Mercedes me support team. After several e-mails I think, I have a clear picture now.
I would like to thank the honest answers! I have got some workarounds, but not real solutions yet. However  there was also mentioned some planned feature (not a promise) which may make me a little more satisfied. If it will happen...
I don't want to mention here the name of the person of Mercedes me support team, but If everyone have (had) same attitude as him, then maybe it could improve Mercedes me service...
I don't think I will spend more time on this topic anymore. 

Have a nice day!
Thank you very much for your kind words and honest feedback, Dezmo. We are truly happy to hear that our colleagues have been able to address your concerns and advise as best as they could. We’ll be sure to pass on the great feedback to the relevant team. This highly motivates us to keep on striving to provide ‘The Best Or Nothing’ customer service. We really hope that our future developments for Mercedes me connect will be of benefit to you.

Have a great week, your

Mercedes-Benz Social Media Dialogue Team

dezmo.dezmo    30.10.2017 - 16:46

Dear All,

Just to be clarify I'm still not satisfied. I just get a clear picture: Mercedes me is not for me! I got tired of to be a beta tester!
The current slogan is: "Rather Nothing."

Sorry... Goodbye!
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